New web for Moldtech

Moldtech is a family-run company established in Seville 30 years ago, and dedicated to the design and manufacturing of precast concrete equipment. In 2016, due to its strong international growth, they opt for a change of its brand image and the corporate website. A project that required a hole redefinition of the corporate message, as well as contents, projects and industrial solutions catalogue.    

For that, we work with Moldtech in a previous process to review its identity, commercial strategy and content definition. Specially we re-elaborate the corporate speech and product and services catalogue.
We analysed, together with the business development team, and based on a competition analysis, the main motivations in their actual and potential market. Finally, we agreed the goals for the new website, both about SEO positioning and about corporate communication with their stakeholders.

The result can be analyze HERE; a responsive web aligns with the new stage of the company and which make easier the user experience as well as the browsing of all its content.
After the launching and complete contents charge, we are actually responsible of the bilingual web management, the continuous improvement of SEO positioning and, shortly, the French version.

Due to the huge data dispersion, this website has been mainly an exercise of patience and concentration”.


PORTADA New web for Moldtech

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