New sustainability report for Aciturri

One of our latest editorial projects at DOXmedia has been the development of the annual Sustainability Report of the aeronautical company Aciturri, prepared according the GRI standards.

The company trusts us for several years to evolve its brand and communication, and an important project within them is the design of this annual report.

A document that reviews in detail not only the industrial activity of the Spanish Tier1, but also its social, economic and environmental scope.

An interactive document that required the Aciturri style to provide it with conciseness and good readability. To be effective.

The use of our photographs and the graphic organization of data in maps, tables and infographics contributed dynamism to the document, a key resource.

aciturri_doxmedia_desing_1 New sustainability report for Aciturri
Aciturri Doxmedia Desing 2
Aciturri Doxmedia Desing 3
Aciturri Doxmedia Desing 4
Aciturri Doxmedia Desing 5
Aciturri Doxmedia Desing 6

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