New website for PLD Space

A few weeks ago we announced on our social networks that DOXmedia would soon be in space. The reason was that we were working on a new project that has finally seen the light of day: a new website for the company PLD Space. A pioneering company in Spain and a European leader in the development of launch technologies to provide commercial orbital and suborbital access services focused on small satellites and payloads.

This new project has been a real challenge for the DOXmedia team. This is a new sector with very specific needs and PLD Space wanted a transgressive aesthetic with interaction elements that would facilitate the user experience and make it almost hypnotic.

PLD Space presented us with such a captivating challenge that we are still grateful to the whole team for having put their trust in us. We got down to business and after months of painstaking work, we have finally launched the platform.

PLD's new website consists of 6 large blocks, which contain, among others, information about the company and its two main launcher models -MIURA 1 and MIURA 5-, as well as providing for the talent who wants to work with them and the current status of PLD Space's development.

These are the two sections of its launchers where the greatest load of design, user experience and above all code development is found and which has required close collaboration with the client. It is here that DOXmedia has sought to bring together the essence of such an ambitious project.

The website finally has a shop where all the marketing products for the fans of the brand can be found, which will be published shortly.

After its creation in 2011, the company, which is in a phase of growth and constant evolution, decided to count on DOXmedia for the development of its new responsive platform to showcase its identity and added value in the sector. This is an in-depth work of reflection, analysis and rigour that you can see in more detail in our projects section.

PLD Space 1
PLD Space 6
PLD Space 9
PLD Space 10
PLD Space 11

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