Annual report for Aciturri

Our editorial work focuses partly in the design of corporate reports, in which we try to reflect the most valuable points of our client´s activity, in a clear and friendly way of reading.     

One of our last projects in this field of activity has been an Annual Corporate Report for Aciturri, one of the main Tier 1 in Spain for the global aeronautical industry.

In a year in which the brand celebrated its 40th anniversary, and also coinciding with the start-up of a new business division, we conceived for Aciturri a concise, visual and harmonious memory, with a clear design and supported by infographics.

To that end, we take care of both the development of creative concept and the document design, its layout and its edition in Spanish and English.

The result has been a document ready for printing and in digital format: as interactive browsing PDF, optimized for download and online viewing.

MEMORIA_ACITURRI_2017_2 Annual report for Aciturri
MEMORIA_ACITURRI_2017 Annual report for Aciturri

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