BioEconomy 2030 book for The European Commission

In 2016, we designed the book "Drivers of the European Bioeconomy in Transition", for the CE Joint Research Centre IPTS located in Seville.
The publication is essentially a scientific report addressed to the members of the Joint Research Center, the European Commission’s in-house science service; but, in this case, a more aesthetic form of presentation was chosen to improve its reading and understanding.
In DOXmedia we did an important editing work focused on establishing a guiding thread not only scientific but also narrative, in order to turn the large amount of available data into more practical, intelligible infographics, illustrations and tables.

The book, which can be consulted here, is the result of a concretion and design process that transformed a highly technical and specialized content into an attractive and easy-to-read scientific dissemination book available to readers of any academic level.
Libro-CE BioEconomy 2030 book for The European Commission

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