Industry's professional commitment to COVID-19

Teleworking is not possible in the entire industry. It is easier in the office, but the operations, the manufacturing and the work teams that support these activities need its presence to achieve the objectives of production, reliability and quality.

Without a doubt, this is an attitude and commitment that we want to recognize and encourage from DOXmedia. This is our tribute to all these people who continue to give their best in the industry.

006 1811 LTK 2613
007 1811 LTK 3987
008 1803 ACITURRI 2228
009 1603 SOFITEC 3296
010 1803 ACITURRI 2742
011 1803 ACITURRI 1521

017 12P37AERNNOVA 657

018 1803 ACITURRI 0046
019 1803 ACITURRI 2333

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