Dossier for Riotinto Project

Atalaya Mining is a mining company that produces copper concentrates and silver by-products in the Riotinto Project, located in Huelva. This project has reactivated a legendary exploitation, incorporating the latest technological innovations in the mining sector and the concepts of safety and environmental sustainability typical of mining in the 21st century.

In DOXmedia we have prepared for them a dossier showing the current situation of the Riotinto project and the corporate strategy for the future, as well as its economic impact. The objective was to express in a graphic way the circumstances of this new project, its origins and the commitment to innovation in environmental safety and mineral extraction.

To achieve this, we made a briefing with the client, collecting their ideas and structuring the contents. In there, we understood the strength of the project, the importance of security for the sustainability of the environment and the benefits it reports for the region in Huelva. Thus, we linked these aspects with the copper color of the brand, and then to the project. In the design and layout of a first draft, we provided information structure, using infographics for the data. This helps those who are unfamiliar with the sector to understand the key industrial processes.

We complemented the work with the realization of photographs of the facilities, edited and adapted for the document. The file was organized (labeled and classified) and delivered to the client, considering the entire industrial process.

The dossier was delivered by hand for the first time in the last edition of Mining and Minerals Hall (MMH), in 2019 in Seville.

This work is part of the DOXmedia strategy of continuing to collaborate with mining, a sector that is constantly evolving and where engineering innovation is a fundamental tool for the sustainability of this industry.



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