Branding for the new facilities of Sofitec

In 2015, after 16 of business activity, the aerospace company Sofitec decided to move to the Industrial Park of Carmona, where it acquired a 25,000-square meter facility to expand its production capacity.

DOXmedia then took the responsibility for creating the branding of this new installation, with the aim not only of adapting it to the layout of the plant, but also to the character and the identity of the company.

Our goal was to create an industrial space, focused on the productive and technological activity of Sofitec, while not losing the necessary consonance with the administrative, commercial or innovation work that the company also promotes.

The work involved conceiving globally the application of corporate identity and signage of the new facilities, for which we carry out the following actions:

  • Planning and signaling of logistical and pedestrian paths
  • Design, production and installation of outside corporeal
  • Design, production and installation of location maps, signage and machinery identification
  • Integral branding of offices and industrial facilities

This project, whose completion is scheduled for January 2018, has included a reflection conception and design process aimed at turning Sofitec into an advanced and innovative work space, consistent with the company's identity and values.

Thus, both office spaces and the production plant contain messages that make visitors and members of Sofitec think about vital issues as well as values ​​and essence of the company.

The intellectual conception of the project was as laborious or more than the production itself.

Branding for the new facilities of Sofitec

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