New website for Aciturri

Last May, Aciturri launched its new corporate website. A project carried out in DOXmedia and that has included an intense work, according to the needs and requirements of the client, Tier1 for the main global aerospace manufacturers.

The new site, which came along with the renewal of its corporate identity also developed by DOXmedia, is grouped into six categories that develop the value proposition of Aciturri, its two business divisions -Aciturri Aerostructures and Aciturri Aeroengines-, the team that integrates it , its supply chain and a media room.

After more than 40 years of experience in the development of aerostructures and engine components, and with a staff of more than 1,400 people, Aciturri was at a key moment in its evolution, in which it was necessary to have a versatile and updated space that would allow to show its environment all its industrial capacity and brand value.

Once concluded the development and initial start-up, we are currently responsible for updating and uploading content, as well as SEO optimization tasks.   

A product result from a process of collaboration and joint reflection with the client, that you can also see in our web services.

WEB_ACITURRI_DOXMEDIA_EN_1 New Website for Aciturri
WEB_ACITURRI_DOXMEDIA_EN_3 New Website for Aciturri
WEB_ACITURRI_DOXMEDIA_EN_2 New Website for Aciturri

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