Social media in Industry

Social networks represent a significant potential in the medium and long term for companies’ public image and relationship with its environment.

For the industrial ones, these platforms have moved, traditionally, in a halo of ignorance that relegated them in favor of more traditional marketing tools. Perhaps the main weakness was, first, the belief that the presence in social networks was “unprofessional” and, once overcome this obstacle, not knowing well how to discriminate which ones were appropriate for each business.

The choice of the social profiles of a company should be made according to the nature and activity of the same, and, after that, provide them with resources for their correct management. It is essential to clearly establish the objectives, thus being able to be precise when choosing channels and tools suitable for communication.

190613_INFOGRAFIA_RRSS_1920_EN The use of social media in industrial companies

The importance of loyalty

In a more complex sales cycle, such as the industrial one, where a closer relationship with the customer is also necessary than in the B2C environment (Business-To-Consumer); it is vital to define a loyalty strategyin which so much effort is invested by the business development professionals of the company.

The contact in professional fairs is one of the roads, but not the only one, nor enough by itself.

Social networks are able to amplify these contacts, they are effective to maintain the relationship of the client with the activity of the company, making him part of advances, news, changes, anecdotes and even personal experiences. Nourishing the link.


And the employee?

The team should be another of the pillars of our strategy in networks: both in its role as prescriber, and for the shake of achieving that energetic sense of belonging. The recruitment and retention of talent are key objectives in the evolution of any organization and even more so in the industry,

The permanent need for innovation and adaptation to change are only achievable with people committed to the corporate project, proactive, and eager to contribute to common development.

Social networks can accompany the efforts made from the level of Human Resources management, helping to attract the attention of external talent and visualizing the perspectives of professional development with the company.


It is therefore revealing that customers and employees can become our best allies for the quality of our community, expanding our reach and contributing to the development of the brand.

A properly focused strategy in B2B networks will undoubtedly contribute to achieving balance in our communication, not only to the differentiation of the company in the market, but also to the humanization of the brand.


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