Corporate identity: from the value of service to the value of brands

The corporate identity of a company long ago ceased to refer only to the physical manifestation of its brand (if we reduce it to its visual elements) to become one of the subtlest tools and, above all, more powerful, of its strategic communication.

When we talk about brand image, we mean values, competitive proposals, future bets. It is the expression of the differential nature of the organization, which comes from -or should do so- a deep reflection of “what and how” of each business project.

The brand’s reading, understanding and differentiation goes through becoming a strategic area of the company’s development. Values do not only exist; it is essential them to be assumed and communicate faithfully.

“There is nothing worse than the clear image of a diffuse concept.”

Thus conceived and respected, corporate identity can be one of the structuring element of the differentiation demanded by new markets, increasingly atomized and dominated by a growing and changing competition. It is necessary to work on the construction of a solid & well-defined brand with effective positioning strategies. An objective that necessarily involves defining corporate philosophy: that way of doing that is only ours, on which to build a reliable, convincing and relevant value proposition.

identity_differentation_doxmedia_2 Values & proposals in corporate identity

“Build an identity with holistic vision so that prestige becomes the engine of repercussion”

For industrial companies, innovation and capacity of growth and adaptation –in financial, product or technological areas- have traditionally been the main elements in the race for differentiation. Little by little, aspects such human resources -the management of the talent and “human factor”- the return to society, or the respect for the environment, have been added to them. Issues that conform the necessarily human character of the brand, and that have proven to be key for the second aspect that concerns us in this article: the digital identity.

In recent years, much of our professional and personal life has been transferred to the digital environment: we buy on the Internet, we search for home and work in the network, we daily inform and document ourselves in the maelstrom of portals that we have through a click. In this context, a different type of social presence is therefore imposed and a digital quality corporate identity is indisputable. Even transferring our commercial efforts to the network and effective management of social networks are the cornerstone of a good communication strategy.

This type of transformation processes associated with change become obsolete and lose value if they do not evolve within the brand identity. It is not enough to be present: the digital identity is also “the sum” of what we say, what others say about us, and our relationship with stakeholders in an environment where prevails the bi-directionality in communication.

“The state of opinion is a capital good. The most dynamic engine in the market”

The challenge now is to know how to reflect our character in a range of channels so diverse that goes from editorial to communication on the Internet with clients or employees. Today it is no longer enough to say, we have to listen. An essential effort that requires attention if we want to compete based on a strategy of solid differentiation, that drives us in the evolution of our business project.


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